Professional manufacturer of magnets, Permanent Magnets Generator(PMGs for wind turbine) and wind turbine system

QIANGSHENG MAGNETS CO., LTD (QM)is an advanced technology enterprise which special produces and markets magnets (sintered and bonded NdFeB, Alnico, SmCo and magnet assemblies), Permanent Magnet Generator (PMG) and wind turbine system. We have agents in the United States, Australia, Italy, Uruguay, Nepal and other countries.

With our technical expertise, our extensive inventory of permanent magnet materials, and our precision component fabrication & assembly capabilities, we provide you with complete magnetic solutions. Having more than 10 years experience providing innovative products and design solutions globally, we are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service, technical assistance and value to you.

Our industry-leading Engineering team is at the heart of our ability to provide you with magnetic solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Each one of our highly experienced engineers is an expert in the design and production of electromagnet and permanent magnet components, assemblies, and systems. They are highly skilled in the selection and evaluation of magnetic materials and components. They are fully accustomed to working with customers at all stages of their design, and to helping you select solutions that most closely match your requirements, with cost-effectiveness in mind.

Let our technical expertise and experience handle all of your requirements. We export a broad range of sizes from our factories, We have a team of engineers who lend their specialized skill and technical design to meet your exacting specifications. Samples are available at a cost, and always handled and delivered as quickly as possible. Tooling-up time normally takes less than three weeks for small size sample. Send us your specifications today, and we will promptly meet your design requirements with affordably-priced products.

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